exist†trace – EXISTENCE (Verified Lyrics!)

I posted a translation of this song yesterday based on the lyrics as I heard them only, since official lyrics haven't been published online and my digital copy of The Only Garden and the "Existence" single didn't come with liner notes. Reader Silphion was gracious enough to show me the liner notes from his physical …

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SOLDIER Crew and A Whole Lotta Breakdance Research

Back in early February the world was blessed with what is, to me, the best remix of "One-Winged Angel" since "Advent: One-Winged Angel": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsxxnSOg554 When "The Prelude" comes in tho!!! When I read the line "Sephiroth and his entire gang show up with a boombox" I knew I had to draw it. Originally I thought …

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A still life arrangement showing a skull with flowers on it, a wooden mannikin hand close to its face as if gesturing. The skull sits on a heart-shaped candlestick. In the background is a black furoshiki with a print of roses and butterflies.

exist†trace – “Owari no Nai Sekai”

March 7th is miko's birthday, as well as that of BUCK-TICK's Atsushi Sakurai. Might I suggest the song "Mortal" from his solo project The Mortal as an appropriate pairing for "Owari no Nai Sekai"? Anyway, this song isn't terribly appropriate for a birthday (which is why I'm somewhat superstitiously publishing it on the 6th instead), …

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