Warped Frost is the house in which my translations and drawings come to play, gathered from their various internet homes. I included links to the original posts where applicable. Please enjoy your time in this playground of the mind. ☆

As for who I am: I’ve been on WordPress as Scales of Libra since 2008. In real life, I’ve been known as “Eli,” “E.V.A.,” and several other variations and mispronunciations of my real name. I studied Fine Art & Japanese in college; lived in Fukuoka Prefecture from 2009 to 2013 on the JET Program; achieved N1 certification on the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 2012; and have been a GACKT fan since 2002.

~June 2018 Edit~
When I started Warped Frost in 2014, my intention was to use it as a translation & art portfolio to help me land translation jobs in the entertainment sector. My plans have changed and I no longer need it for that. So, the only thing I will probably use this blog for now is to finish posting translations of The Air Moon and exist†trace lyrics.

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