exist†trace — Lost in Helix

A super-belated Happy New Year, O Readers! ^_^; Below are the lyrics, romanization, and my English translation of this beautiful track from Vanguard – Of the Muses. At the very bottom is a translation of part of a miko blog entry where she talks about this song. ☆ Lost in Helix 水面に浮かぶ満月を 見上げる身体の無い意思よ 巡る周期をただ待ち焦がれ 何度天を仰いだだろう 月は満ち繰り返す 生と死を永遠に 私は今 再び生まれる … Continue reading

Ille Iterium Veniet

Ille Iterium Veniet

With this year being the 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII, I used one of my projects in printmaking last spring to pay homage to Mr. Lash Blast by Covergirl Jenova. The assignment was drypoint etching. We had to work the plate gradually, pulling prints as we went. I didn’t really make good use of … Continue reading