I’ve been drawing since before I can remember, and I know that I’ve been drawing that long because my mother showed me the evidence from back then. Growing up, I loved watching American cartoons like Dark Wing Duck and Animaniacs, I had a casual relationship with comic books, especially Spider-Man, and was blown away by Sailor Moon when it started airing on American TV in the mid-90s. It was Ayami Kojima’s work on the Castlevania series, however, that made me seriously consider studying art formally. Ironically enough, considering Kojima is self-taught!

I became really good at drawing by my senior year in college (if I do say so myself), but how fast ability withers if you don’t exercise it! Even though I may not be fortunate enough to afford spending 8 hours a day every day in an art studio anymore, drawing will always be a part of my life, and lately I’ve been dabbling in photography as well.



Japan Photography

Backyard Nature Photos

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