GACKT Translations

I only rarely translate GACKT’s songs, as there are already good translators in the fandom that have done all or a significant portion of his oeuvre, so there will be very few song lyric translations here.

NOTE: I was originally going to have GACKT translations appear as pages, but as that limits somewhat what I can do with them, I’ve decided to henceforth post translations as blog posts. I will, however, continue to compile links on this page.

The Stories Behind “P.S. I LOVE U”

Episode 1: The Thoughts Entrusted in a Letter

Episode 2: For You

Episode 3: The Gift

Episode 4: Please Don’t Forget Me

Episode 5: P.S. I LOVE U

Other Song-related Items

About the spoken part of “Fragrance”

Magazine Interviews

The GACKT Way of Life

Rankingbox Interview on P.S. I LOVE U


The Air Moon (Completed March 31, 2020)

4 thoughts on “GACKT Translations

  1. Krissy

    Thank you so much for these translations! They are very much appreciated, especially when I haven’t followed GACKT for some time. I feel like I know G so much better now. Please keep up this work!

    1. You’re welcome! ^o^ I’ll definitely keep going, though I have less time to devote to G translations now that I’ve started grad school. I’m going slow, but I’m definitely still going. Please look forward to the next little chunk of the Air Moon at the end of this month. ^_~

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