Animal House But It’s the Shinra Scientists

I originally did this in February, but today is a great day to post this here. 😁

Descriptive text follows comic. Enjoy!

Panel 1

(Hojo is sitting on the stairs with an acoustic guitar as Lucrecia and Hojo’s two fangirls from Costa del Sol, all in makeshift togas, look at him adoringly. Someone’s approaching knee is visible just barely in frame.)

Hojo: I wrote this next one to commemorate my latest scientific breakthroughs.

Panel 2

(The person approaching is more visible, and is also wearing a toga. Hojo starts singing.)

Hojo: I gave my love a cherry, that has no stone.

Panel 3

(Zoom out on the group sitting on the stairs. The newcomer is revealed to be Hollander, with a toga made from sheets over his Banora t-shirt and a crown of laurel leaves on his head. Hojo is belting it out while the women listen with eyes closed, smiling.)

Hojo: I gave my love a choc’bo, that has no bones!

Panels 4 & 5

(Close-up on Hollander as he listens on, first looking up, then looking down toward Hojo)

Hojo: I gave my love a ring, that has no end.

Panel 6

(Zoom out to the whole group. Gast is revealed to be coming up the stairs, also in a makeshift toga with a paper plate around his arm and a crown made from leaves and toilet paper.)

Hojo: I gave my love a baby—

(Hollander reaches for Hojo’s guitar.)

Panel 7

(Hollander smashes the guitar against the wall. The women cover their heads with their arms while Hojo falls over.)

~ Fin

Author’s Note: Full disclosure, I partially traced the characters’ bodies and the environment from screenshots because I didn’t feel like freehanding this. You can see this particular scene from National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978) here on YouTube.

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