Chikushino 2013 Garbage Guide

I translated Chikushino City’s Garbage Guide when I was an Area Leader on the JET Program. While I created the chart specifically for administrative district #2 (Murasakigaoka, Akebonomachi, and Amayama), the details of how to sort the garbage applies to all of Chikushino City, so if you live in a different part of the city you can at least use that part of the guide.

Note also that the name of your administrative district (gyouseiku: the division that determines what days the different types of trash get picked up on, among other things) may actually be different from the name of your neighborhood as it appears in your address. For example, some choume of the neighborhood “Murasaki” actually lie in the administrative district called “Akebonomachi,” NOT in the administrative ward called “Murasaki.” If you notice that your trash isn’t being picked up on the days you think it should be picked up on, it could be that you don’t live in the administrative district that you think you live in. You should be able to check the administrative district on the maps posted around your neighborhood.

This guide is for 2013 (Heisei 25). Chikushino City has not yet posted the guide for 2014, but when they do, it will probably be on this page. NOTE: As of at least 2016, Chikushino City DOES put out an English translation of the Garbage Guide. It is available at this same link, where amongst the Japanese text you will see “Household Garbage Regulations” in English.

I’ve uploaded a PDF of my translation here, but I did redact it in parts to protect people’s privacy.

Chikushino H25 Garbage Guide

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