exist†trace – Yoake no Hikari

Photo taken at dawn in Cairns by Laurel Lodged [ Source ]
Back in January, exist†trace chose “Yoake no Hikari” for a performance they made available to all on YouTube for Igu Day, and I started doing this translation then. But then the moment passed and I continued on with tracks from THIS IS NOW. With Omi’s birthday having just passed, I figured it was a good time to get this out of drafts and finish it up!

The lyrics & music were written by Omi, whose blog post about it I’ve also translated below. miko also wrote about this song, but her focus was more on the technical aspects of recording. She did mention however that there was a period while they were first performing this song live in which the English words she sings hadn’t been set in stone yet, and writes the final choice as “loose, heart, wish.” On Rock Lyric, these are given as “lose, heart, wish” instead. I think “lose” makes more sense in context, though I can see how “loose” might work, too. In normal speech these two words are pronounced differently, though the difference is subtle. But sung? She could be singing either one.

Lyrics in Japanese are available here on Rock Lyric.

Yoake no Hikari

kowareteku anata wo tada mitsumeteita
ukeireru koto sae boku ni wa dekizu
me no mae no anata wa tozasareta mama de
surechigai nikushimi kizutsukeau dake

lose arehateta heya
heart kyozetsu sareta oto
wish yoake no hikari kooritsuita jikan wo tokashite

kono koe wo kiite sono itami ni fure
nee alive anata wo dakishimete
furueru yubisaki tsutaiochiru namida
sotto arainagashite

bukiyouna ai de anata wo mamotteta
ano hito wa sora e hitori tabidachi
nokoshitekureta nukumori mune no oku ni
mou ichido anata no me wo mitsumete

lose kioku no kanata
heart wasurekaketeta
wish yasashii hohoemi omoide no kakera nigirishime

kono koe wo kiite sono itami ni fure
nee alive anata wo dakishimete
furueru yubisaki tsutaiochiru namida
kitto kibou no namida ni

“I’m here now.”

furishikiru ame ga kokoro nurashite mo
daijoubu, mada arukeru darou
sotto yorisotte anata wo kanjite
dou ka tomo ni ima wo ikite

kono koe wo kiite sono itami ni fure
sou alive anata wa hitori ja nai
tooku hanarete mo onaji sora no shita
zutto tsunagatteru

nagai yoru wo koe kanashimi wo koete
ima alive shinjita asu e susumu
kokoro no mannaka afuredasu omoi
ai wo yume wo kanaderu kara

anata e todokeru kara

Dawn Light

All I could do was watch while you were falling apart
I couldn’t even accept it
With you sealed away before my very eyes
Never on the same page, we just hated and hurt each other

(Lose) The neglected room,
(Heart) rejected sound
(Wish) Dawn light, please melt this frozen time

Feeling that pain, listen to my voice
Hey, you’re alive!
I held you tight
Trembling fingers, falling tears
Gently wash it all away

The one who protected you with an awkward love
Has set off into the sky alone
Keep in your heart the warmth he left for you
I looked into your eyes again

(Lose) As it recedes into distant memory,
(Heart) grab on to the fragment
(Wish) of the kind smile you were forgetting

Feeling that pain, listen to my voice
Hey, you’re alive!
I held you tight
Trembling fingers, falling tears
Will surely turn into tears of hope

“I’m here now.”

Even if the heavy rain soaks into your heart
It’s okay, you can still walk, right?
I drew close to feel you
Won’t you try to live in the now, with me?

Feeling that pain, listen to my voice
You are alive!
You’re not alone
Even if we’re far apart, we’re under the same sky
We’re always connected

Overcome the long night, overcome the sadness
You’re alive now
Press on toward the future you believed in
The thoughts overflowing from deep in my heart
Love, dreams, I’ll say it all through music

So that it can reach you

Omi Blog, November 11, 2016, “Dawn Light”

“Yoake no Hikari” [“Dawn Light”] is on the mini album ROYAL STRAIGHT MAGIC, which comes out November 16th.

Maybe some people already know this, but this song is the sequel to a song I’d made previously, “Tokoyami no Yoake” [“Dark Dawn”]. It also paints a picture of my real life relationship with my mother.

It’s very scary “putting everything out there.” You might get hurt or hurt someone else because of something unexpected.

Just living life can be this hard, so I can’t live strongly.

At that time, my existence was nothing but hatred, or emptiness. Now here I am, existing before your eyes. But…

That time when I held your body and your heart in the locked ward. The meaning of the spilling tears. All these moments that I’ll never forget, they keep a tight grasp on my heart even now.

The one who had stayed by your side in the deepest darkness of despair is no longer here. But even if you’re far apart, I hope you’re connected somewhere under this sky, always.

I hope that everything in this song—the screams, the hopes, the feelings—can somehow reach you. You, who are lost in darkness, alone. You who cry with pain in your heart.

Also, I hope I can see your smile again.

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