exist†trace Translations

I became a fan of the all-women visual kei band exist†trace in mid-2012 thanks to a post on the blog Tofugu introducing female metal bands. Which makes me realize that it’s only been 3 years, but it feels like so much longer! Unfortunately I have as yet not had a chance to see them live, but I did join the official international fan club Archangel Diamond to stay abreast of their activities.

I was lucky to get my hands on a first pressing copy of VIRGIN while I was in Japan.

I was lucky to get my hands on a first pressing copy of VIRGIN while I was in Japan.

As far as I’ve seen, there isn’t one single website with good English translations of all of exist†trace’s songs; there are smatterings here and there of random tracks. It is my hope that one day Warped Frost will fill that void, at least for their more recent songs, namely the ones from the EPs/albums listed below. So, I will continue posting lyric translations as blog posts, and compile links on this page as I go. Also, miko often writes entries on her blog about specific songs; I will sometimes post translations of such blog posts along with the lyrics.

As with all translations on Warped Frost, please do NOT copy-paste my work into your website or any other website! If you want to link to a translation that’s fine, but I do not appreciate others submitting my work to other websites as if it were theirs to submit.

Ambivalent Symphony

Vanguard -Of the Muses-

Twin Gate





Note: Archangel Diamond has apparently released a version of this album that comes with an English lyrics card. However, the translations presented here, most of them posted to this blog before AD made that announcement, are my own. I talk about this a little more in-depth in the post for “Feel.”




Spiral Daisakusen

Just One







Nagai Yume no Owari ni



Yume ni Kisu wo



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