Whatever It Takes

July 5th through 12th was AeriSeph Week. I had an idea for a 4-panel comic but between working on a different piece and dealing with repeated basement flooding—essentially we’ve lost a whole floor of utility & storage space, and are going without a water heater until the foundation can be inspected & repaired—I couldn’t participate in time. When I finally sat down to sketch my idea out on the 12th, the free day, I couldn’t decide on what to make the punchline, wondered if the joke was even funny to anyone other than me, and ended up scrapping that idea altogether. What I went with instead was a 2-page comic that turned into a 3-page comic.

Well, two weeks late isn’t too bad, eh? Ahaha…

Anyway, here’s the comic! I posted this to Twitter earlier but I’m including some full-size detail shots and making-of content here. The comic reads left to right. Enjoy!

おまけ!~ Bonus ~ #1

Originally, this was going to be two pages only. The first half of the second page is the same here as it originally was, but at first, once Aerith had Seph wrapped around her finger with the scritches, she was gonna deal the “death blow” with a catnip toy.

Though I signed the image, I ended up not uploading this one to Twitter.

In the last panel, Sephiroth was gonna say “Damn you” and Aerith would respond with “There, there.” But the layout looked too cramped to me, and I figured people who don’t have cats might not realize what it is she’s giving him. Hence why I decided to just expand to three pages, though that meant adding in the panels of the party’s reactions. I really liked the final panel as it was here—and it was a heck of a lot easier to draw since there’s hardly any foreshortening involved—but ultimately I’m really glad I changed it.

Bonus #2

Here go some of my favorite close-ups at the full original size!

This isn’t quite what Remake Seph’s big-ol’ Texas-style belt buckle looks like, but I think I did pretty well. I did a flat line drawing of the wing, then used “Transform -> Perspective” to get it into the correct angle, then drew in the dimensional elements.
Fresh catnip! Though I assume people don’t have cats and aren’t botanists probably won’t recognize it either.

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