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For this song, there are several places where the lyrics as presented on Rock Lyric differ from what’s actually sung. However, due to the nature of the differences, I don’t believe these to be typos (save for maybe the extra “wa” in the first line); these are probably cases of the the sung & written lyrics differing on purpose. The Japanese lyrics I wrote below use what’s actually sung, and the translation is of these lyrics. However, I have made note of the differences in the translation notes at the end.

From here you can jump to the romaji, English translation, or excerpt from miko’s blog about this song.


守りたいものは何? 欲しいもの何?
せっかくなら全部 手に入れてGood job!

捕まえたいなら 餌付けして

シナリオ通りに 愛想振りまいて
貴方を刺激する 怪しげな旋律で


宝石の海 一瞬のParadise
朝になれば 泡となり消えて
輝かせてもっと 注いで全てを
想像して 貴方だけの
虹色 Imagination

空っぽの未来 繋がれた夢
導かれるように スパンコールを身に纏い


欲望舞う フロアーで Eye Contact
感じてるよ 暗黙のサイン
夢中で追いかけて その目に焼き付けて
翻弄して 私だけを
艶色 Imagination

宝石の海 一瞬のParadise
朝になれば 泡となり消えて
輝かせてもっと 注いで全てを
見せてよ 明日を

だから今夜 夢の続き
始めようか 二人だけの
虹色 Imagination


mamoritai mono wa nani? hoshii mono nani?
sekkaku nara zenbu te ni irete Good job!

tsukamaetai nara ezuke shite

shinario doori ni aisou furimaite
anata wo shigeki suru ayashigena senritsu de

taiyou ga ochita nara

houseki no umi isshun no Paradise
asa ni nareba awa to nari kiete
kagayakasete motto sosoide subete wo
souzou shite anata dake no
niji iro Imagination

karappo no mirai tsunagareta yume
michibikareru you ni supangooru wo mi matoi

kakugo wo kimeta nara

yokubou mau furoaa de Eye Contact
kanjiteru yo anmoku no sain
muchuu de oikakete sono me ni yakitsukete
hanrou shite watashi dake wo
ade iro Imagination

houseki no umi isshun no Paradise
asa ni nareba awa to nari kiete
kagayakasete motto sosoide subete wo
misete yo ashita wo

dakara kon’ya yume no tsuzuki
hajimeyou ka futari dake no
niji iro Imagination


What is it you wanna protect?  What is it you want?
Since it takes so much, get it all. Good job!

If you wanna catch me, you’re gonna have to tame me first1

Lavish me with pleasantries just like it says in the script
I’ll turn you on with a devious melody

If the sun has set…

A sea of jewels, a momentary paradise
When morning comes, it turns to foam and disappears
Make it shine more, pour your all into it
Imagine it,
The rainbow-colored imagination that’s yours alone

An empty future, connected dreams
Cover yourself in sequins to be guided by

If you’ve made up your mind…

Eye contact on a floor dancing with lust2
I can feel your implicit sign
Chase me with wild abandon, burn me into your eyes3
Toy with me and only me
Seduction-colored imagination4

A sea of jewels, a momentary paradise
When morning comes, it turns to foam and disappears
Make it shine more, pour your all into it
Show me tomorrow!

So let’s continue the dream tonight
Shall we begin?
The rainbow-colored imagination that’s ours alone

Excerpt from miko’s blog, September 17, 2014

First off, “Imagination”!

This song has a secret that I can’t reveal just yet…so I won’t touch on that here!

People who have given this song a listen probably went, “…Huh?” Overall, the guitar phrases are low-key, the riffs make you giggle, and there are weird sound effects popping up all over the place! This song is on the other, other side of songs like “Ginger,” “Kuchibiru,” and “Spiral Daisakusen.” This song came into being all of a sudden when I was at home and happened to strum the “fufuuun” that became the intro riff on my guitar. I think we can say this song lacks tension in a good way.

Oh yeah, that’s right! There was one spot in my vocals where Jyo made the request, “Do it like a little devil tempting someone!” Even though I was thinking “What?!” I made everything inside my mind pink and tried to sing it. Please give listening to this kind of song a try, too. LOL

1. 餌付け (ezuke) literally means “feeding an animal” or “feeding a wild animal so that it gets used to receiving food from humans.” Which makes for interesting imagery and horribly clunky lyrics in English. But I think this is included in the process of taming a wild animal, so I went with that.

2. The written lyrics said 絶望 (zetsubou) meaning “despair” where the sung lyrics say 欲望 (yokubou) meaning “desire” or “lust.” Sounds like people are desperate to pick someone up at the club. Ahaha…

3. The written lyrics said 瞳 (hitomi), which technically means “pupil(s)” but usually gets translated to “eyes” outside of scientific settings because “pupils” just isn’t romantic or poetic in English. The sung lyric, 目 (me) means “eye(s),” and also gets used in romantic/poetic lyrics in Japanese. That said, while “Hitomi” is a very common name for girls, you will probably not find a girl named just “Me.”

4. I might be off on this. The written lyrics said 艶色, which is pronounced “enshoku” as a compound meaning “showy good looks” or “glossy shades (of color).” However, the sung lyric pronounced these characters as “adeiro.” The thing is, 艶 can be pronounced “ade,” but as far as the dictionaries tell me, it only gets pronounced that way in the word 艶やか (adeyaka) meaning “charming” or the compound 艶姿 (adesugata) meaning “charming figure [of a woman].” However, I found several references to “adeiro” online in things such as personal blogs, Twitters, and a makeup line, some of these spelling it out phonetically, others writing it as 艶色. The usage seems to be along that vein of glossy colors and charming women. Given the rest of the lines in this verse, “seduction” felt more appropriate than just “charm.”

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