Forced Perspective

I originally posted these to Twitter, the first page going up in June and the second page in July.

My inspiration was that I got a little tired of seeing everyone and their grandma’s poodle redraw that one image of Young Sephiroth in the Flames this past summer when Square Enix had the special FFVII 25th Anniversary broadcast and revealed that footage for the first time. So I couldn’t help but twist it. Not that I’m saying people shouldn’t do redraws. Fanartists can draw whatever they like. I’m saying it was boring for me as a spectator to see the same thing over and over and over again. Just my personal opinion, don’t @ me.

I hope we get to see Young Sephiroth obliterating platefuls of pasta in Ever Crisis. There could be a side quest to get all sorts of different pasta from all over the world. The rarest and best would be the genovese, of course.

Or maybe Sephiroth eating pasta should just be its own standalone game.

Anyway, on to it!

The Comic

This is a two-page comic. Descriptive text is in the post below.

Descriptive text is in the post below.

Comic Text For Accessibility

Page One, “Forced Perspective”

Panel 1 – (We see Sephiroth surrounded by flames.)

Unknown speaker: Well, well…what have we here?

Panel 2

Unknown speaker: The Demon of Wutai, stuffing his face with carbs.

(Zoom out to reveal Young Sephiroth in a trattoria eating spaghetti. His face is stained with red sauce as he looks petulantly over his shoulder directly at the unknown speaker/reader.)

Page Two, “Don’t Believe Everything That You Read”

Panel 1

Genesis: You’re gonna get fat if you keep that up, you know.

Angeal (Bonking Genesis upside the head, angry whispering): Gen, are you INSANE?

Panel 2

Sephiroth (Delicately wiping his mouth with a napkin): If you fought real battles you’d carboload too.

Panel 3

Sephiroth (Holding up two meatballs skewered on a fork): Though I guess first you need to grow a bit. Here, have some protein.

Panel 4

Genesis (Grabbing Seph’s wrist with one hand and sticking his index finger in Seph’s face menacingly with the other): Mark my words, “all that awaits you is a somber morrow!”

Sephiroth (Looking up at Genesis nonchalantly): …What sort of drivel is that?

Bottom Margin

Angeal, sighing: It was the beginning of a beautiful frenemiship…

Bonus! Art is Never Completed,

only abandoned, or so the saying goes. Back in 2012, I was having a conversation with friends on Square Enix Members when the topic became what musical instrument Sephiroth would play. Screwing around, I said “sousaphone,” and was of course challenged to draw it. I didn’t have much time, so I only did a super fast doodle in Photoshop. In the course of doing so, I learned that July 23rd was My Chemical Romance Day. It was already the 24th for me as I was in Japan at the time, but I rolled with it. This was the result:

The result of a deep, philosophical debate about what musical instrument Sephiroth would play. Of course, I said “sousaphone,” and it just happened to be My Chemical Romance Day. (July 23, 2012)

I don’t remember if I posted this to Square-Enix Members first, or to my blog first, but either way, it’s been on my personal blog since all the way back then.

To this day, as far as I know, this is the only drawing of mine that’s been stolen and used publicly, namely by this Twitter account:

Screenshot showing the Twitter account @/OneWingedMeanieI’m pretty sure they, or whoever they got this image from, erased my writing, as at least a bit of the M should show in this crop. I contacted them but the account was already abandoned when I happened to come across it. It was so weird just scrolling Twitter and seeing my work on somebody else’s profile picture.

Freakin’ art thieves!

Anyway, I finally got around to doing this as a proper illustration for MCR Day 2022, which seems to be celebrated by pretty much no one now. I was a bit surprised what with the Reunion Tour happening, but…okay. Guess it’s just not a thing anymore. Either way, I enjoyed getting back to this, even if it took a decade. (LOL)

An updated and complete illustration of Sephiroth in a black marching band uniform, playing the sousaphone, with handwritten text saying Happy My Chemical Romance Day.

Speaking of taking a long time to do things, I have had exist†trace’s “Shout Out” in my drafts since July. Wump wump. Let’s see when the spirit moves me to get back to it. (^_^;)

EDIT, December 29, 2022: I rearranged the order of the text in this post from how it was when originally published, moving what had been labelled “The Blog Post” to the beginning instead of having the comic pages be the very first thing in the post. I did this because my home page uses the first hundred or so words in a post for the blurb, which ruins the comedic timing if you’re coming to this from the home page. In my opinion.

4 thoughts on “Forced Perspective

    1. Wait, are you imagining that he’s shooting pasta from a firearm, or shooting AT pasta? (LOL) I meant “obliterate” in a pigging out sense, but this would be fun too. I’m trying to image what the sound of spaghetti firing would be.

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