Winter is a bright and shiny season.

I haven’t counted the number of sunny days versus dark days in the winter. But I like winter, so maybe that’s why I notice the sunny days more than the gloomy ones, and see winter as a bright and shiny season.

When my cat SamSi was still alive, I would go outside with him to photograph him in the snow. He liked going outside year round.

My yellow tabby walking in a path of cleared snow. To either side the snow is piled one to two feet high.
After the blizzard of February 2015

The kitten I rescued two years ago, Victoria, doesn’t like going outside in the cold. But the sun was shining Sunday, so I had to go out and photograph something.

A Cloud Strife Polygon figure stands in a branch of dried sedum which as frozen over. There is powdery snow on top of the sedum, and icicles hanging down below. Some of the dried flowers are encased in ice.
A different blond in my backyard

I had been trying in vain to do some forced perspective to get a photo of these figures against the icicles hanging from the garage. I gave up and went to finish shoveling the driveway when I noticed these icicles hanging from a dried sedum (a.k.a. stonecrop).

Another photo of the Cloud Polygon figure sitting in the frozen sedum.
I took this one with my phone, which is better at auto-focusing on small objects than my old Canon PowerShot, but can’t get as high-res.

If I’ve gotten at least five hours of sleep—which I did last night despite Vicky waking me up early—cold weather doesn’t feel cold to me until it’s below zero degrees Fahrenheit (which is around -18 Celsius). Sunday morning it was 17°F ( -8°C) so I was able to sit seiza in the snow and get down on all fours as needed to get these shots. I love the look of the dried flowers encased in ice. Totally worth it.

A Polygon Figure of Sephiroth in the same frozen sedum. The sun was really shining through the icicles in this shot.
It wouldn’t be an FFVII post from me without Sephiroth. Though this has more of a fall vibe even with the icicles given how strongly the sun was shining, really bringing out the orange in the dried sedums. Well, manually increasing the warmth of the photo a wee bit might also have something to do with that. Ahaha…

I didn’t mean to lay this post out in the style of Remake (i.e. Sephiroth chasing Cloud). I prefer OG Sephiroth.

A photo showing the Sephiroth and Cloud figures in profile, with Sephiroth ahead of Cloud, with his back to him. They are in a field of lumpy snow.
This is the shot I had wanted to get back in December, but the sun wasn’t bright enough that day to make the snow sparkle, and there wasn’t enough disturbed-snow-covered-by-undisturbed-snow to create the appearance of treacherous, untraveled terrain.


The Sephiroth Polygon figure standing in powdery snow beneath a Japanese yew.
I like the cave vibe the chiaroscuro creates in this shot

おまけ!〜 Bonus! 〜

Here’s the full shot of Cloud in the sedum, the first photo in this post. I was trying to get the icicles in a graceful arrangement, though it does take some of the attention off Cloud. I increased the saturation a wee bit here, which makes Cloud look better, but takes away some of the wintry vibe since the orange for the dried sedum, as in the Sephiroth photo above, gives more of a fall feel.


3 thoughts on “Winter is a bright and shiny season.

    1. Thank you! Glad the vibe came across in the photos. : )

      Though I feel a little bad about my timing, given how many places are experiencing the ugly side of winter pretty much unprepared.

      I hope you’re well!

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