The SOLDIER Firsts Try Painting With a Twist


The session Sephiroth, Angeal, and Genesis attend is for beginners. The painting they will recreate is a simple still life featuring Banora White apples.

The example painting

Angeal drinks in moderation and paints diligently. He makes a generally faithful copy of the composition, but adds enough of himself to succeed at making the image his own.

Angeal’s painting

Sephiroth long thought he was special, because he had been told that lefties were better at art than right-handed people. He finds the idea that inebriated amateurs could attempt painting insulting, and refuses to copy the example. Alas, his creative train of thought tends to stay on familiar tracks.

Sephiroth’s painting

Genesis thought he could out-drink and out-paint Sephiroth. But he gets so hammered he can barely keep his brush on the canvas. Ultimately, he decides to pour a bottle of wine over the canvas, break the bottle over it, and take a photograph of the resulting mess.

[You’re just gonna have to imagine this one because I really don’t feel like ruining a canvas and dealing with broken glass. Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.]

Genesis posts his photo to social media, and is awarded an honorary MFA in Performance Art from the most prestigious art school in Midgar. On paper, this gives him more education than Sephiroth, who only has the Certificate of Completion his governess created in MS Paint and printed out for him when he finished his home schooling for compulsory education.


Author’s Note

For anyone who doesn’t know, Painting with a Twist is basically the original “paint and sip” experience; you paint while you drink. Usually, everyone at a session paints the same thing. Because of that (and my low art MP when I started doing this)…I went ahead and used clip art that I painted in for the “example painting” and “Angeal’s painting.”

Originally I wanted to do this quickly so I was gonna leave the boys on flat color in the first image, but then I started rendering Sephiroth because of course I couldn’t ignore his pretty face, then I had some fun with Genesis, but by the time I got around to Angeal I just wanted to be done already. I did the pencil drawing of this image back in early September, after all, and realistically I just don’t have time to finish this properly any time soon. So I decided not to let the perfect be the enemy of the good and release this into the abyss of the internet as is, let come what may.


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