Happy Halloween 2020

I’ve been using Photoshop in some form, mostly Elements, for about 15 years now. The majority of that has not been for actual photo editing. Still, I feel dumb for just now learning about dodging and burning. All this time, I’ve been thinking, “I wish there were a way to lighten just one specific part of the image.” 😅😅🤡

As soon as I realized the magic at my fingertips I thought to fix one photo in particular.

Sephiroth uses Masamune to carve pumpkins (October 2010)

Yes, ten years later, I still remember wanting to lighten up the Chibi Seph “carving” the pumpkin Play Arts Seph is holding. XD

And I finally did! Woo!

Dreams do come true! XDD

Well, realistically…the difference probably isn’t too noticeable unless you put the two photos side by side. Oh well. I’m amused. XD

Happy Halloween everyone!

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