2002 Gackt Live House Tour Stops & Set List

I feel like I’m making pretty good progress with this. I’m about a third of the way through the next part of the Live House Tour chapter (expect it in the coming week) and one-sixth of the way through the whole book. Woo-hoo!

It seems a lot less intimidating now.
It seems a lot less intimidating now.

Anyway, I’ve found myself looking back and forth between what I’m translating and the set list at the end of the chapter, as well as the tour stop dates listed in the Crescent Side, quite a few times so far. So, I’ve decided to combine those two lists and post them here, for my convenience and that of anyone else. I’ve added the day that date fell on (thank you timeanddate.com), because that also helps me keep the chronology straight.

The set list is basically MOON with the tracks in a different order, but maybe if you recreate this list on your music player, you can pretend that you’re at the show, and 12 years younger than you are now. Ah, to be young again!

2002 Live House Tour

Tour Dates & Stops

❖ denotes a secret show

June 4th (Tue.) Kumamoto Be-9

June 6th (Thu.) Zepp Fukuoka

June 8th (Sat.) Hiroshima Neopolis Hall

June 11th (Tue.) Zepp Osaka

June 15th (Sat.) Zepp Tokyo

June 16th (Sun.) Zepp Tokyo

June 18th (Tue.) Nagoya Diamond Hall

June 22nd (Sat.) Aomori Quarter

June 24th (Mon.) Zepp Sapporo

June 26th (Wed.) Kobe Chicken George

June 27th (Thu.) Yonago Belier

June 30th (Sun.) Matsuyama Salon Kitty

July 2nd (Tue.) Nagano Club Junk Box

July 3rd (Wed.) Tomiyama Club Mairo

July 9th (Tue.) Yamagata Shōwa Session

July 10th (Wed.) Zepp Sendai


Set Lists

“Dears Presents Special Talk&Live Addition”

Speed Master
death wish

*At the Zepp Fukuoka show only, “death wish” came before “Speed Master,” and “Lu:na” was after “rain.”

Secret Shows

Speed Master
death wish

*At the Kumamoto Be-9 show only, “death wish” came before “Speed Master.”


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