Poster Sneak Peek

The translation of the next part of The Air Moon might be a bit delayed as I’m currently applying for grad school. I’ve gotten most of the technical things like transcripts and references out of the way, but the heavy lifting is yet to come. Also, I’m helping out a friend who needed someone to design a theater poster for a production he’s involved with. The play is a parody mash-up of several popular novels, including Harry Potter.

I'm rather proud of how Hermione turned out.
I’m rather proud of how Hermione turned out.

I’d suspected for a while now that there was probably something horribly wrong with my Photoshop blending technique. In the course of doing this poster I finally got around to looking into it, and indeed, apparently blending with the smudge & blur tools is a no-no. Ahaha…well, my computer doesn’t lag when I do it, but some colors do get a bit muddy. Apparently Photoshop Elements doesn’t let you modify brushes as much as the full program does, so maybe I can’t do the fancy blending they do in YouTube blending tutorials. Well, you have to work with what you’ve got, right?

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