I’m Still Alive

The first four months of 2017 were all over the place. I was pretty tired being both graduate student and part-time faculty. It still seems a bit funny to me that this is what I’ve ended up doing. Teaching Japanese while studying Art Education. I was trying to get away from gray areas and here I am in one hell of a no-one-knows-what-this-is type of situation. Not only are there some bureaucratic issues that come up having two roles while the university doesn’t officially recognize such a thing as dual status, but with my super Hispanic name, everyone in the department assumes I teach Spanish. I even got a flyer for a Spanish program event in my inbox. I should think the Spanish program would know who their instructors are, but of course I can’t blame whoever was putting the flyers into the boxes for seeing my name and thinking Obviously this must be a Spanish teacher.

I was supposed to be teaching this term, too, but the class was cancelled due to low enrollment (as is wont to happen in the Spring/Summer term). So, I only have my one class that I’m taking as a student. It’s printmaking. We had a little “warm-up” that I didn’t realize was a warm-up and put a lot of effort into. Each student randomly got an assortment of letters and punctuation marks to use for linocuts. I got the comma, G, J, and P.

The J isn’t finished; I just did enough so it could print with the class alphabet. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me so I don’t have a good photo of that, but I was able to get decent-enough photos of individual letters with my ancient iPod Touch. Most fittingly, I’m pretty happy with how the G turned out.

I should’ve put a watermark on this but I didn’t feel like opening Photoshop just for that. Ahaha…

I think I’m going to carve away all of that background texture though. I didn’t think there would be so much of it.

Anyway, as far as other G’s, I had finished most of the second half of Chapter 5 of The Air Moon back in January, and now that I’ve found myself without a class to teach, I should be able to finish at least that. While I still want to finish translating the whole book someday, now it’s mostly just to be able to say I did it. I’m not really fired up about it anymore. Sometimes translating gets really tedious. It’s not the source material, it’s translating in general; I feel like I’m saying everything twice even when I’m translating what someone else said. Perhaps even more damaging was the fact that I had come to associate GACKT with a certain person I had very deep feelings for, but when I told him so, he never replied. I can’t even listen to GACKT songs without thinking of him, so I hardly ever do now. But it’s annoying to think my fandom should be a casualty of one-sided feelings based on a series of misinterpretations, so that makes me want to try to get my GACKT groove back. So, we’ll see how far I get over this summer!

5 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive

  1. lazycat66

    Hi =) It’s been a while! It’s nice to hear from you again.

    I’m sorry to hear anything Gackt bring bad memories/sad feelings now… *hugs*

    Yeah, translating can be a pain sometimes… even when you like what you’re doing! I mean, I should actually be translating right now, but here I am, procrastinating… lol I’m the worst, but I’ll get it done. And so will you, sooner or later.

    Much love to you, darling ❤

    1. Thanks! *Hugs back*

      I try to remember days from when I first became a fan. Like, I got through my undergrad ceramics class almost entirely with Cresent on repeat. (Yet most of what I made wasn’t vampire-themed but rather, Ancient Egypt and…Yugi-Oh themed. ^o^;)

      Well now, procrastinators, unite! And do some work! LOL

  2. They’re very beautiful, your letters.

    And you have my compassion regarding the GACKT groove. I’ve lost it a couple of times already and maybe it reassure you that this guy is as much blessings as he’s curse. Hence, once you go GACKT, you never go back XD Just give it some time. Maybe he’ll drop by in person (on tour) to personally drag you riiiight back into his world. 😉

    1. YESSS It looks like Team GACKT really is planning a world tour so that may just get the groove going! If they stop reasonably close to my city or somewhere I could use my airline miles to get to for free anyway. ^o^

      And thank you, I’m looking forward to making more cool stuff this term. Hopefully.

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