First Snow of the Season

I’ve never completely agreed with the characterization of winter as a gloomy season. Maybe it’s because even when I was in a traditional work setting and left home in the dark and got back in the dark, I knew that in between the sun was shining, and in all but one occasion (when I worked in an office that didn’t have windows to the outside) I’d always look out the window and see the sun turning the snow into a glittery blanket. Sure, it’s cold, sometimes dangerously so, but…at least it’s pretty, right?


Well, hearing the Detroit Symphony Orchestra perform “Sleigh Ride” live as a little kid probably helped too. Plus the fact that I prefer to be too cold than too hot, as in high temperatures I can’t do anything. Can’t work with paper because my sweat gets on it, can’t work on the computer for long because it overheats…

Wouldn’t it make more sense to shift workday hours themselves instead of having Daylight Savings Time so people who work traditional 9-5 jobs could see the sun? I suppose the school day would have to be shifted too. Hmm…



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