Preview -Ready to SLAY-

I’ve been working on this on and off for a whole week. Mostly off. I couldn’t quite get into a groove. But then tonight, when I should be making my usual attempt to flip back to a daytime schedule before having to go back to work, I stayed up all night, coloring for six hours straight.

I suppose this is mildly NSFW…

If Sephiroth doing a runway walk, shown from the waist up in his harness but without his coat on, is not something your boss would appreciate seeing on your screen, then come back to this later.

Or never, if Sephiroth isn’t your cup of tea.

Seriously, don’t scroll down any further, O ye people at work!


I am cracking up XDD

I don’t trust myself to flatten the image and consider it done just yet, but I am so thoroughly amused I wanted to at least share this for now.

Yes, I looked up what font VOGUE uses. XDD

Now I’m gonna go brush my teeth and wash my face while I internally cackle before going to sleep for a few hours.


Good mornight!

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