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Classes have ended, so I’m on summer vacation for now. Whew! I’d like to get a lot of stuff done on Warped Frost this summer. To that end, I decided on a posting schedule for exist†trace song translations. I’ll post one song on the 1st, 9th, and 19th of the month. Naturally. And since I have half of the album WORLD MAKER done, rather than skip around doing tracks as I feel like it, I’m just going to go in order now. Which brings us to the title track.

The Japanese lyrics posted here are from Rock Lyric, although there is at least one difference between what’s written there and what’s sung; namely that the first time the chorus is repeated, the sung lyric is “heroine” rather than “hero”. I’ve also translated the relevant miko blog, and finally gotten around to learning how to do page jumps. It’s so easy!

So, below the embed of the short music video are the Japanese lyrics. You can jump to the romanization, the lyric translation, or to the miko blog translation.


群青タイヨウ 燃える月
悪くない いいんじゃない?

インナーワールドを 視覚的に
悪くない いいんじゃない?

リアルはほら 右へ倣えで
息苦しいな 誰が決めたんだ

Make your world
輝くんだ この世界で
この物語のヒーローなんだ ずっと
歩いて 進むんだ 遅くはない
崩れそうな虹越える WORLD MAKER

羽が無いって ぶら下がり

123並ぶ 鉄のスーツを
手を取り 踊り出そう

リアルはほら 「普通と違う」って
比べたがり 馬鹿馬鹿しいだけだ

空に溶け込んだ 小さな夢

Make your world
輝くんだ この世界で
この物語のヒロインなんだ ずっと
歩いて 進むんだ 遅くはない
崩れそうな虹越えて 鮮やかなリアルへと


gunjou taiyou moeru tsuki
marude risou doori sa
warukunai iin ja nai?
kimi ni mieru kai?

innaa waarudo wo shikakuteki ni
sarakedashite mi na yo
warukunai iin ja nai?
kimi wa dou dai?

riaru wa hora migi e naraede
ikigurushii na dare ga kimetan da

Make your world
kagayakun da kono sekai de
kono monogatari no hiiroo nan da zutto
aruite susumun da osoku wa nai
kuzuresouna niji koeru WORLD MAKER

hane ga nai tte burasagari
sonna yume owarasou
doko made mo toberu sa
kimi mo dou dai?

wan tsuu tsurii narabu tetsu no suutsu wo
sorairo doresu ni
te wo tori odoridasou
hoshi no suteeji de

riaru wa hora “futsuu to chigau” tte
kurabetagari bakabakashii dake da

sora ni tokekonda chiisana yume
madoromi no naka ni wasureteta yo

Make your world
kagayakunda kono sekai de
kono monogatari no hiroin nan da zutto
aruite susumun da osoku wa nai
kuzuresou na niji koete azayakana riaru e to
bokura wa WORLD MAKER


Ultramarine sun, burning moon
Exactly like my ideal
Not bad, huh? Not bad at all
Can you see it?

Try to visualize your inner world,
laying it bare for all to see
Not bad, huh? Not bad at all
What about you?

See, in the real world you do what everyone else is doing
How stifling! Who came up with that?!

Make your world
You’re gonna shine in this world
Because you’re the hero of this tale, always
Walk on, it’s not too late
You are a world maker who crosses crumbling rainbows

The trap of thinking you don’t have wings
That dream is bound to end
Because you can fly anywhere, you know
Why don’t you try it too?

Your three iron suits all lined up,1
Trade them in for sky-colored dresses
Take my hand, let’s dance on a stage made of stars

You say popular people are “different” from “regular” people?2
Always comparing yourself to others, that’s just foolish

The little dream that melted away into the sky
I forgot it in my slumber

Make your world
You’re gonna shine in this world
Because you’re the heroine of this tale, always
Walk on, it’s not too late
Crossing the crumbling rainbow over to a vivid reality
We are world makers

Excerpt from miko’s blog, September 15, 2014

The part [of the music video] where I really shine is during the verse when I strum my guitar on the upper part (at the head) and make it twang. LOL How manly! LOL

“WORLD MAKER” is the last song I wrote for the album. The world I had in mind was close to that of “Daybreak ~13 Gatsu no Shikisai~”, but this one had a greater sense of floating, of not having your feet on the ground, yet it isn’t an unpleasant sensation. That kind of world.

There are light hues, but sometimes a black line flies through their midst, tightening around the world…

When the video director and CD cover designer heard that explanation, they got these bewildered looks on their faces. LOL

Considering our past lead singles, I wonder if there were many people who thought it unusual for us to lead with a mid-tempo song. While it was a challenge for us as well, we were confident that as we are now, we would be able to lead with a song that didn’t rely on speed to be cool, so we gave it a shot. At first, the members and I were all nervous about how this song would turn out, but once the lyrics were done, it was like our feelings were unified all of a sudden. I think this song evolved into a very important one treasured by all the members.

In the chorus, there’s a part that says “Because you’re the hero of this tale, always.” Even I have times when I worry about my future, but when that happens, I say to myself, “Only I can be the main character of my life, so what’s gonna happen if I don’t shine as brightly as I can?!” So those lyrics just came to me as I was accepting and encouraging myself.

I gave this song the title “WORLD MAKER” in hopes that everyone who listens to this song, myself included, will be able to live writing their own unique story and enjoying it to the max. This song doesn’t have a strong twin vocals feel to it, but the chorus work is pretty. I hope everyone can take the time to enjoy the song and the lyrics.

1. TELL ME THIS IS EXIST†TRACE MAKING AN IRON MAN REFERENCE PLEASE…If not, it might be a reference to a general business suit.

2. Okay, to be honest I’ve been wondering exactly what miko intended with the word “riaru” (from the English word “real”) for a few songs now. For the most part I think it can be interpreted as the word it came from, but other times, and in this line in particular given the line about the foolishness of comparisons, I’m wondering if she meant リア充 (riajuu), or was using “riaru” as a less otaku-y synonym for it. “Riajuu” is internet slang for someone who has a fulfilling life IRL (=as opposed to online). It has a very strong nuance of being spoken by an otaku who is jealous of the person who has their 3D life together. As translating the line literally to “You say real(ity?) is ‘different from ordinary'” doesn’t make much sense, especially since the next line is unquestionably “The tendency to make comparisons is nothing but foolishness,” I decided to translate “riaru” as “popular people” in this line. I could be way off on this.

That said, there is one more possibility: whereas Rock Lyric has Jyou singing 「普通と違う」(futsuu to chigau “different from ordinary” or more simply “not ordinary”), it doesn’t sound to me like she’s saying that. But I can’t make out what she is saying, only that it sounds like a 2-syllable word instead of the 3-syllable futsuu. Maybe futo (which wouldn’t make much sense either) or hito “person”, which would make sense as we could then interpret the line as the person Jyou is addressing whining that their real life is different from other people’s. If we similarly interpret the line “In the real world you have to do what everyone else does” as being spoken not by the singer but rather by the person the song is addressed to (someone who is perhaps reluctant to make their own world), that line makes more sense too.

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