exist†trace — Nagai Yume no Owari ni

“Nagai Yume no Owari ni” is the second to last track on exist†trace’s album World Maker. In her blog explaining this track, miko mentioned that this song was originally performed as the last in a 3-song medley beginning with “Ritoru Mearii to Utsukushiki Nikushimi no Donau”, a track which eventually appeared on VIRGIN. (She doesn’t mention what the second song was.) She explains that while the song is a part of Little Mary’s world, it can stand alone as well, and that you can interpret the lyrics as being about a lover, a family member, a friend, a beloved pet, etc. That said, she does say “Try listening to this track along with ‘Little Mary…’.”

EDIT: I goofed. What Miko said in her blog was, to just straight translate, “Actually, we’ve done this song at a show before. Had you noticed? At last year’s one-man show at Shibuya Glad, we put ‘Ritoru Mearii to Utsukushiki Nikushimi no Donau’ together with three new songs, and over the course of 20 minutes, brought the world of ‘Ritoru Mearii~’ to life through song and story-telling. This track, ‘Nagai Yume no Owari ni,’ is the last one, bringing that tale to its close.” In other words, the medley included at least four songs, not three. Also, I made it sound as if VIRGIN came after WORLD MAKER, when the reverse is true. Mea culpa. (July 21, 2019)

As usual, the lyrics below are from Rock Lyric, although I did write in the wailing as I think it adds a lot to the song, and there are two points were the lyrics as currently posted on the site don’t match what’s actually sung. Given the nature of the discrepancy (namely that there’s a れ missing from one word and a が missing in another place) I think this is a mistake rather than a case of the artist writing one thing in the lyrics but singing another. Anyway, enjoy~!


気付けば そう とても遠く
歩いてきてしまって 帰り道がわからない
呆れてくれる人は もうここにいない

もう一度 叶うなら そうあなたに会いたいわ ああ
何も知らず恋いこがれた あの頃を忘れない ああ

長い夢の終わりに あなたの笑顔祈った
でもね、ああ そんなものエゴだわ
バカな私 だから全て失ったの

花のような最後でした あの色は戻らない ああ

長い夢の終わりに あなたの笑顔祈った
でもね、ああ そんなものエゴだわ
ずっと時がこのまま 続くと信じ疑わず
バカな私 だからさよならも届かない

Nagai Yume no Owari ni

kizukeba sou totemo tooku
aruitekiteshimatte kaerimichi ga wakaranai
nigawarai shitemiru kedo
akiretekureru hito wa mou koko ni inai

mou ichido kanau nara sou anata ni aitai wa, aa
nani mo shirazu koikogareta ano koro wo wasurenai, aa

nagai yume no owari ni anata no egao inotta
demo ne, aa sonna mono ego da wa
itsumo hontou wa jibun bakari ga kawaikatta
bakana watashi dakara subete ushinatta no

hana no you na saigo deshita ano iro wa modoranai aa

nagai yume no owari ni anata no egao inotta
demo ne, aa sonna mono ego da wa
zutto toki ga kono mama tsuzuku to shinjiutagawazu
bakana watashi dakara sayonara mo todokanai

At the End of a Long Dream

By the time I realize it,
I’ve walked so far I don’t know how to make my way back
I try smiling bitterly,
But there’s no one here anymore who would wonder why that is

If my wish could come true again, I’d wish to meet you, ah!
Without knowing it, I was filled with yearning
I won’t forget those days, ah!

At the end of a long dream, I prayed for your smile
But oh! Don’t you see? That’s just selfishness
The truth is I only ever cared about myself
Stupid me…that’s why I lost everything

The end was like a flower
That color won’t return, ah!

At the end of a long dream, I prayed for your smile
But oh! Don’t you see? That’s just selfishness
I never thought to doubt that time wouldn’t continue on as it was
Stupid me…that’s why my goodbye can’t reach you

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